Making Video Games

Doing what you love, and loving what you do.

  • Musician
  • Painter / Illustrator / Conceptual Artist
  • Sculptor, 3d Modeler
  • Technical Art / Rigging / Setup
  • Animator
  • If its in a game, someone made it.

Learn the tools and use them to your advantage:  (Some examples)

3d Sculpting and Modeling is fun, and is a common way to get started making games.

Sculptris - 3D Sculpting is fun, and Sculptris is Free.  Fun+Free = Pretty Cool.


UDK - The Unreal game engine is used to make Many of the games out there today, and the UDK is the Free version available for you to use now!

3dsMax - An industry standard program that can do pretty much every task in the 3d world. This is often the core/hub of the 3d workflow for video games.